Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration

Two or more partnership and limited liabilities are established under an Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). We handle your Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration and paperwork to make your dream of running a business succussful and focused.

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Limited Liability Protection to Directors personal assets

Start-ups often have to borrow money and borrow. In the event of regular marriages, the spouses would not be able to repay their loans from their personal savings and properties. Only investment in businesses in one individual private limited company is lost, the director’s personal assets are safe.

Better image in Market

The LLP is popular and well known global business structure. LLP is a
company with broad range of companies. Customers, Sales and Govt
corporate. Instead of ownership or normal partnerships, agencies prefer to deal with LLP.

Least Compliance's and No Audit Requirement

LLP is handled easily and for Limited Liability Partnership formal audit is not necessary. For small businesses, LLP is most fitting. Also for LLPs with capital less than Rs 25 lac and turnover not more than Rs 40 lac it is not mandatory for Tax Audit.

Continuity beyond Partners

LLP remains beyond its partners ‘ life. For standard partnership companies this is not necessary.

Requirements & Deliverable

Minimum 2 Partners required

For all approved partners DIN (Director
Identification Number)

If business is partner, natural individual must be nominated as their

For all approved partners DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

There is no definition of share capital, but LLP capital must be allocated by each partner

Address proof for office of LLP Co.


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