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Good Services

GST is a path breaking indirecttax reform which will create a common national market by dismantling interstate trade barriers. GST has subsumed multiple indirect taxes like exciseduty, service tax, VAT, GST, luxury tax, entertainment tax, entry tax etc.

In 1954 France was the firstcountry to implement GST. Within 62 years of its advent, about 160 countriesacross the world have adopted GST because this tax has the capacity to raiserevenue in the most transparent and neutral manner.

In India GST bill passed in LokSabha on 29th March, 2017 and with the receipt of the President’sassent on 12th April, 2017 the bills were enacted.

With effect from 1stJuly 2017 GST implemented in India.

A comprehensive tax structurecovering both goods and services viz. Goods and Service Tax (GST) would addressthese problems. Simultaneous introduction of GST at both Centre and Statelevels would integrate taxes on goods and services for the purpose of set offrelief and will insure that both that cascading effects of CENVAT and servicetax are removed and a continuous chain of set off from the original producersor service providers point up to  theretailers level / consumers level is established.

In the GST regime, the majorindirect taxes have been subsumed in the ambit of GST. The previous concepts ofmanufacture or sale of goods or rendering of services are no longer applicablesince the tax is in GST levied on supply of goods and / or services.

No doubt GST is simplified systemof Indirect tax regime but for an entrepreneur it is always difficult to findsolution of following problems:

1.       Istheir supply of goods or services liable to GST?

2.       Ifliable to GST then at which rate tax payable?

3.       Whatwill be taxable value?

4.       Howto file Return?

5.       Andother legal and regulatory issue.

For finding these problemssolutions we provide our services.

We offer our services in indirecttaxation from book keeping to classification of goods and services,applicability of rate of GST, invoice related problems, representation any taxmatter with authorities, GST refund, GST return filing, Annual return, finalreturn, GST Audit and many more services.

Specially for start-up for start-upit’s very difficult for them to focus on all business-related issue at a time.They mainly want to focus at core business activities during initial state ofentrepreneurship, we help them in finding solution of all their queries andimplementing the same relating to Goods and service tax. we have annual packageat discounted price. We help start up business entities at very economicalprice.

For other clients we offer ourservices at very economical rate. We offer services form them like health checkof their running indirect tax modules i.e. proper classification, accessiblevalue, applicability of recent notification and circulars, checking genuinenessof Input tax credit claimed and other many more issues.

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